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Professional Advisors

posted on 02.09.2016 by admin

Financial Planners, Elder Attorneys and Accountants face a dilemma seeking solutions to eliminate the anxiety and fear, even mass-affluent Boomers and Seniors feel about outliving their investments and savings in retirement. These solutions often involve finding a balance between very competing goals. Professionals need answers to questions posed by clients, such as: will they be able to maintain their standard of living; will they have access to liquid funds when they need it without negative tax consequences; and lastly, will there be anything left to leave their heirs? Most recently, there is a solution recognized by retirement planning “thought leaders”. That is, using the FHA insured Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) to tap the $4.13 trillion of available housing wealth and its suitable use in retirement income planning.

The HECM product can provide clients with a tax-free stream of cash payments, a lump sum or growing line-of-credit. Proceeds from a HECM can be used for a variety of purposes all while preserving other assets under management, such as:

  • Coordinated strategy of HECM and portfolio withdrawals to minimize sequence of returns risk
  • Payoff mortgages or other debt to eliminate monthly payments
  • Funding Long-term Care Insurance Premiums
  • Cash-flow neutral means of splitting up the housing asset in “Gray Divorce” situations
  • Postpone taking Social Security until age 70 to maximize benefits
  • Fund tax obligations incurred by 401k / IRA Rollovers into Roth IRAs
  • Establish a growing standby line of credit for unforeseen expenses or emergencies
  • Purchasing a new home with as little as 40% down
  • Provide a last resort “safety net” for those retirees who have exhausted other financial resources.

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